About Me

I'm Jordan: a creative front end developer and educator living in Denver, CO. I volunteer as a Director for my local Women Who Code chapter, and lead an event called Puppies & Portfolios. I have a great passion for everything CSS and rubber duck debugging.

Outside of the tech world, I love exploring different types of art and going on adventures with my two dogs: Cub and Pebbles. I read a lot and play games.

Community Involvement

During summer of 2015 I attended my first tech event: a networking night put on by Women Who Code Portland that introduced me to the wonderful world of meetups. Since then, I have attended numerous different meetups where I learnt a lot, met some amazing humans, and grew out of my comfort zone. I've even started speaking at and organizing my own events.

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Women Who Code: Boulder/Denver


I joined the team of directors for the Boulder/Denver chapter in early 2020, just as Covid really got going and pushed all our events online. As a director I run my own monthly events centered on front end technologies and building awesome portfolio websites (Puppies and Portfolios).


Puppies and Portfolios


I started this group in early 2019 to create a space for people to create awesome portfolio websites. I lead discussions and answer questions about design, content, and code. Before covid brought all events online, my puppies would come along to the events for play breaks.

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PDX Node


Joined the PDXNode organizers team in early 2017 to help enlist speakers for monthly presentation nights and to host monthly hack nights. I also worked to find sponsorship and secure funding and venues for all events. I also engaged with the community through online platforms (Meetup, Twitter...) to promote events and build community.

In 2018, I spearheaded two larger events: International Nodebots day, and a special edition of our normal presentation night with OSCON (Open Source Conference put on by O'Reilly). For the Nodebots day event, I hosted and led the workshop, enlisted volunteers, acquired equipment, and coordinated with sponsors.


Free Code Camp: Portland

Volunteer mentor / speaker

I volunteered with the local Free Code Camp meetup as a mentor and speaker, helping new developers complete the FCC curriculum. I would give talks on a variety of front end topics on demand as requests popped up and reviewed projects.


Women Who Code: Portland

Leadership Team, Technical Lead

I joined the leadership team in early 2016 after having volunteered at several events. I spent the first couple years helping with networking nights and larger one-off events. In 2018 I partnered with another member of the leadership team to co-host a monthly Open Source Study Night. In 2019 I co-hosted and spoke at monthly CSS Study Nights.